Toronto 778 King West | 63.3m | 17s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

Roof repair work was recently done to that building and they were in the process of painting the building black, but that was put on hold about a week or two ago (only the east wall and the southwest corner were painted).

Hmmm, right next door to their office. I 'm wondering if they will combine both sites for a larger development. Possibly mixed commercial & residential?
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I can't imagine that they wouldn't put them together - wouldn't you?

(Yes, you would!)

The Lobbyist Registry informs us that Brad had retained the services of lobbyists to further redevelopment of the above properties.

These include his current HQ, and adjacent properties to the west.

Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32288​

Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied

778-788 King Street West, Toronto

Aerial Pic below:


Site size: ~2100m2/22000ft2

Heritage: Nothing is listed/designated

Streetlevel pic, taken from YELP


*note also includes properties to the west
Never missing a beat and coming out full throttle for the rise of the second Lamb empire on King West. Wonder if he'll put initiatives for a flagship project considering this is his HQ and all.
ZBA application submitted:

Development Applications

Project description:
Zoning By-law amendment to facilitate the redevelopment of the site for an 18-storey mixed-use building having a non-residential gross floor area of 714 square metres, and a residential gross floor area of 24,126 square metres. 373 residential units are proposed.
Yes, there is something to be said about posting your name prominently 3 times on the front of a 2 story inconsequential elder office building. It's not like we would've missed it the first time going...
But just to be safe, in case you miss the three signs, there's always the prominent statue of a lamb.