Toronto 629 King Residences (was Thompson Residences) | 53.34m | 15s | Freed | Saucier + Perrotte

Pic taken July 14, 2013

can someone tell me what the flexible blue tubes are that run through the re-bar? Are these electric lines? How carefully must they be laid, because they often seem to not be straight. I assume they get buried in the concrete.
We might be looking at some temporary cabling in the photo immediately above your question, but yes, flexible conduits are buried in concrete so that electrical and communications wiring can be installed easily after the pour.

Freed chipped away at the quality of this one, and then plopped on a bunch more storeys. The original push/pull of the facade was to be much more dramatic but it cut into the sellable floor area and added to construction cost, so now it's a paltry one foot variation to the facade. S+P deserves better clients than Freed. Freed claims to be interested in city building but he's really just interested in making tons of cash.