Toronto 55 Yonge | 236.21m | 66s | H&R REIT | PARTISANS

The base looks a bit like the old WTC twin towers in New York. I'm not sure I like the crown - reminds me of the St. Regis (ex Trump).
Not fooled by the early pretty renderings - can't wait for the value engineered (realistic) version. It seems like a pipe dream even for the parametric god Zaha. Suddenly Partisans and REIT think they can pull this off in Toronto?
Love everything. The transition from the tower to the base and similar treatment near the top are especially nice. Hopefully it will progress without alteration.
This developer should create a similar style looking building on the Front St. A two for one price deal with the architect Ha Ha !! That's how nice this rendering is compared to the other one on Front st.
Wait for this building to get Torontofied by the City Planning committee who know absolutely nothing about world class architecture.
Haha - for a while I thought I mistyped, but you only quoted part of my reply (I said: "I'm not sure I like the crown", not "I like the crown"). I think it looks a bit tacky, both on the Trump / St. Regis and this proposal.
My apologies! I didn't mean to misquote you; I selected a little too much. Just wanted to say that I agreed with your observation of the crown similarities.
It's like Telus Sky had a baby with 600 Collins: