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Dundas st w st toronto ontario - page 8 - Trovit Homes
18 Nov 2010 ... 2 Commercial/Retail, Street Address:5485 Dundas St W ... - Cached
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5485-5487 DUNDAS ST W
OPA / Rezoning 11 107405 WET 05 OZ Ward 05
- Etob. York Jan 14, 2011 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Gallaugher, Brian
(416) 394-8230
Proposal to develop 25 storey residential apartment building with one storey commercial podium and eleven (11) two storey residential townhouses.
Here are the 3D images, which include the 5415 Dundas redevelopment in behind.





Here's what the spot looks like now, from Google Maps and Streetview.

I'm loving this, and once the Six-Points interchange is completely re-made, you'll really see ECC finally start to explode with dense development.

Infill build replaces mixed-use, adds residential

TAMARA SHEPHARD|Nov 04, 2011 - 4:40 PM

Thirteen currently commercial and office addresses along Dundas Street West, west of Kipling Avenue and on adjacent Shorncliffe Road will be replaced with an equal amount of commercial space as well as six condominiums, eight highrise towers ranging from 20 to 30 storeys, a 0.4-hectare public park and a new publicly accessible private road network.

Land has also been secured for future subway expansion.

"We're achieving real mixed-use development with this proposal," said Etobicoke-Lakeshore Councillor Peter Milczyn, who represents the area. "A dry cleaners or a convenience store on the ground floor of a building or building strictly residential is not good enough. We need to create employment spaces."

Etobicoke York Community Council Wednesday approved a zoning amendment to allow Dunshorn Holdings Inc. to move forward with its plans for residential and replacement mixed-use commercial retail and office space at 5415, 5421-5429, 5453, 5475 and 5481 Dundas St. W. and 15 and 25 Shorncliffe Rd.

Alder Place owns and intends to develop adjacent properties at 5485 and 5487 Dundas St. W.

Some $1.25 million will be used to create a new park on the Dunshorn site on the south side of Dundas and/or for improvements to Cloverdale Park north of Dundas on Shaver Avenue. Alder Place will contribute another $250,000 to do the same.

More Doug Ford LOL'z

Etobicoke North Councillor Doug Ford expressed enthusiasm at the project. He said he wished for similar projects in his ward.

"I'd kill to have someone give me $1.5 million to help develop north Etobicoke," he said. "It's fabulous. Will it increase property values? Yes. Does it have parkland? Yes. It's a win-win."
If the subway is ever extended 1 stop to cloverdale/East Mall, we could get Honeydale mall torn down and redeveloped too.