Toronto 4174 Dundas West | 50.8m | 14s | Dunpar Homes | Turner Fleischer

Wow, the city really ripped them a new one. I'm not necessarily opposed to a 15 storey building here, but I'm glad to see Dunpar getting taken down a peg for continually disfiguring the neighbourhood with their trash architecture.

Watch them come back with an even more hideous revision (though they'd have to work hard to top the current one).
They could literally just chop the top off and it would be acceptable, but that would be too easy and too, well, acceptable.
A few things can be true. Hate Dunpar. But also this sounds like it was written by a wealthy resident of the Kingsway - total NIMBY. They are trying to make it seem like the setback on the old Rona site is why that development was allowed to go through, but it also faced significant pushback and was never something the city supported - and now it is bringing some life to this stretch of Dundas (and the retail that exists here). This is a major artery, right beside the train (possibly GO in the future at Royal York/Dundas could be possible), I'm surprised they didn't push for 20+ here.
This one was the subject of a Settlement Offer at the December Council meeting. That offer was subsequently adopted and is now public.

From the above:




Still unsure why the city is so against height here. Kingsway by the River (just west of this site) is almost 80m tall, and looks to be even taller given that it's at the top of a hill. Again, can't stand Dunpar, but that aside, this location is perfect for 80m-100m buildings, the "amenities" of this area are severely underused (the humber trails on both sides, parks, biking trails) compared to other spaces in Toronto, and can accommodate more people. Dundas is a 5 lane arterial here, everything points to 80m here, I don't get it.
The database has been updated to reflect the revised proposal of the settlement offer.