Toronto 2453-2469 Bloor West | 47.2m | 12s | Leader Lane | BDP Quadrangle

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May 20, 2007
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Bousfields has registered to lobby in favour of redevelopment of the above assembly on behalf of Leader Lane Developments.

This is basically Bloor + Jane

Site as is: (Streetview):


Everything in the yellow brick above.

Aerial pic:


Site size: ~13,500ft2

Comments: Precedent is Bijou, under construction across the street at 12s. Benefits from have a laneway as a buffer and sitting somewhat north of the SFH to the south reducing shadowing issues somewhat. This will be an MTSA in close proximity to Jane Station.
I'll be very interested to see what is proposed here. As a local, it will be sad to lose the vitality of that retail for the duration of construction. Hopefully they renew leases during the planning phase, and we don't have a dead patch here until Bijou is done and leased up.

The bagel place recently shut down, and I'll be paying attention to see if something new moves in.

I like the brick facade, that will be a sad loss. I doubt it will be replaced with anything near as fine-grained, probably all glass, but I hope I am mistaken.

Given the MTSA, I wonder if we'll see something proposed that is considerably taller than Bijou. While it would be a first and quite a change, the area can support more residents.
I like the brick facade, that will be a sad loss. I doubt it will be replaced with anything near as fine-grained, probably all glass, but I hope I am mistaken.

I'm not being sarcastic when I say; don't allow that.

If you're not happy w/the retail unit scale or the materiality of the podium, talk to the developer, the architect and the planner at the first opportunity.

I think there's a tendency to believe you can't shift these things, but in fact, you often can.
I've done it with a few buildings.

While some builders/architects can be stubborn, most are pleased enough to listen to someone saying; "the height is fine, could you just make this modest change, which cost very little, but make it so much more amenable to me, and the community"
Planners often like that kind of input as well (not all of them, LOL); but really, constructive engagement can achieve more than most people think more often than you'd imagine!

Edit to add:

Here is the developer's email address: ; say 'hi'.

There website is here:

They seem to want to specialize in midrise.
I think a tower would be entirely justified here.

What's the buzz on Leader Lane? I'm not familiar with them, and the projects section on their website is sparse...
Interesting that it's just some of that block, leaving existing buildings on both sides of it along Bloor (plus that gas station to the west and surface parking lot to the east, unfortunately).
Could adjacent properties be folded into the development if acquired?

I agree that the retail is a loss but hopefully it is replaced by just as much if not more retail like they're doing across the street at Bijou. The Bloorway building does have some character though, so that will be a loss.
Anything taller than Bijou or Old Mill would likely get fierce opposition from local residents.
Though there is a laneway behind the properties in question, it immediately gives way to single family homes so I don't think they'll take a 30 storey tower 5 metres from their backyard fence too lightly.

Bloor West VIllage definitely needs more intensification and given the precedent across the street and the lack of height of so much of Bloor in this area (mostly 1-2 storey buildings from South Kingsway to past Runnymede despite excellent subway access), I'm all for it.
I can see 12-15 story buildings squeaking through, but higher than that? "Fierce opposition' sounds about right.
It's a while since I've been… but Bryden's on the south side is the one place I'd miss. The glass vitrine frontage with the circular glass pane was always a cool place to sink into an armchair with a pint of Leffe and chat with friends and/or watch the world go by…