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Oct 21, 2019
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Approved in principle at LPAT:

2450 Victoria Park Inc v Toronto (City), 2020 CanLII 94360 (ON LPAT)

Revised proposal:
[10] The south block will contain Building D, an 11-storey rental structure, and the west block, Building C, a 24-storey tower including a one to four storey podium, with condominium tenure.

[11] The north block includes Building B, a 20-storey tower with a six-storey podium extending along Consumers Road and south along Victoria Park Avenue. Its ground and second podium levels would be non-residential. Building A is located at the northwest quadrant and is a 28-storey tower above a six-storey podium. The non-residential floor area proposed here on the ground level addresses Consumers Road and Hallcrown Place.

[12] All parking is below grade, bicycle parking is provided, and indoor and outdoor amenity space is provided at a rate of 2.0 sq. m per dwelling unit. In addition to the public park of 2,850 sq m, there is private publicly accessible space (“POP”) provided in the north and south blocks.

The Tribunal orally allowed the appeal in part, approved the development in principle, with the final order to be withheld subject to fulfillment of the Pre-conditions in Attachment 1.

Art Tsai

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Feb 1, 2021
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Toronto, Ontario
New renderings are updated in the database. Overall building storey count went from 44, 39, 11,11 to 29, 25, 21, 12. Total unit count changed from 490, 440, 210, 107 to 305, 287, 240, 197. Finally, overall parking was reduced from 1266 to 802.

The renderings are taken from the architectural plans via Site Plan Approval:

PLN - Architectural Plans (1 of 3) - OCT 2  2021-9.jpg

PLN - Architectural Plans (1 of 3) - OCT 2  2021-10.jpg

PLN - Architectural Plans (1 of 3) - OCT 2  2021-8.jpg

PLN - Architectural Plans (1 of 3) - OCT 2  2021-7.jpg