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Apr 24, 2007
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Great location, I'd totally live here. Couple blocks west of Bloor & Runnymede. Currently a 3-storey building housing a Ukrainian Credit Union on ground level.

Ward 13 - Etob. York District

Proposed amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit the redevelopment of an 8-storey mixed-use building consisting of 83 residential units (including 19 rental replacement units) and 1 201 m2 of grade-related retail located on the ground floor and mezzanine level. An existing 3-storey apartment building, two 1-storey commercial buildings, and a single detached dwelling would be demolished in the event of approval (see folder 13 271055 WET 13 RH for related Rental Housing Demolition & Conversion application)
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Agreed. My heart will always be in leafy High Park & Bloor West Village neighbourhoods. While many locals are oppossed to any condo apt development along this stretch of Bloor, I think that mid-rises only improve the area and make it even more vibrant and alive. Looking forward to seeing what's proposed!
Up on the front page, and now with a dataBase file!
Glad to see so many great looking midrises start to proliferate across Toronto.

Such a great neighbourhood & so close to High Park.
Yes! Along with One and Two Old Mill, The High Park (Phases 1 and 2), and High Park Condominiums there are going to be quite a few new neighbours here.

Now if only the Turner and Porter site can be redeveloped...
To the east, I want to see No Frills redeveloped, along with the suburban building beside it with parking in front and the parking lot. It's the ugliest stretch of Bloor West Village. The single storey LCBO site across the street should also be intensified.
I wonder if it really needs that much parking (124 spaces for 83 units) as it is 2 minutes walk to Runnymede subway station and the entrance to the underground parking is going to be quite tight I would have thought. I like the render though...
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Very nice. I wish something like this would happen ion the Danforth. Perhaps the demand isn't there....or the money...or the will. What do you think? There are empty lots and the Danforth IS on the subway. I don't get it..I guess it may be a matter of time.