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Well, this one looks to be headed to LPAT. Report forthcoming to the Feb 26th meeting of Scarborough Community Council

City Planning report that requests direction to oppose this at LPAT absolutely shreds the application.

Report here:

From the report:



Site Plan Approval application submitted:

Development Applications

Updated project description:
Mixed-use development with mid-rise and tall buildings that range in height from eight to 39 storeys, new streets and parkland (related to OPA 19 208733 ESC 21 OZ). Phase 1 would include the southwest portion of the site fronting onto Eglinton Ave E (Blocks 8 & 9).
Looks like a settlement was reached for this proposal all the way back in August, with an issue date of November. E-decision here.

12 towers with ~5000 units and much much more

Still likely waiting on that OPA 499 Appeal to be (hopefully?) dismissed sometime this year for full ZBA and OPA approval.

Excellent find!

Details from the above link: