Toronto 180 Wellington West | ?m | 12s | Stantec

It doesn't look good however, it isn't done ether. There are brackets coming off the curtain wall and some glass fins would do wonders.
The truer "CIBC Lawrence/Allen" thing around these parts is Citi at 123 Front.
The CIBC tech center is honestly pretty decent looking ! This looks way worse !
GuysI think we are forgetting which city we live in, we ain't NYC, Boston, Vancouver, London,Sydney, Dubai or Singapore we are conservative cost saving Toronto so accept what is being done in our city and be happy. Just a note of positive thought. :)
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Sept 21:



Thanks for the photo updates androiduk & SMT

Almost half the floors are clad now, my guess is it will finish by the first or second week of November. I wonder if the signage will change, I really liked the white 180 Wellington St W that was up before.
Looks bland, crappy, and already outdated... sort of an 80s or early 90s vibe.
I am wondering what they plan on doing with the northwest corner. The cladding stops just short of the north end of the building and it looks very intentional.
What an eyesore. This is exactly why I don't want the Zurich building reclad. Ick.
I tried to make it look like the rendering, but, it doesn't look like the rendering. What they said, what we got lol...


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