Toronto 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

If anyone is within view, a crane is coming down.
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Today's view of the 160 Front Street crown, with one crane gone, one crane left in place. The north or Top Climbing Crane was used to take down the Bottom Climbing Crane located in the centre core of the building. The Top Climbing Crane can actually lower itself down to the ground, one mast section at a time, while a Bottom Climbing Crane, because it rises up with the building, generally needs either a mobile crane, or a derrick installed on the roof, to lower its various sections to the ground.

In this case, having the second Top Climbing Crane on site allowed it to take down the south Bottom Climbing Crane without the need for a derrick to be installed - a major cost saving as a derrick would have needed additional structural support in the top of the building.

Just 2, inspired by @ChesterCopperpot 's pic the other day, I got a similar, but not identical pair of shots of this building and 19 Duncan sharing space together on the skyline. Taken March 26th, 2023:

(taken from McCaul, just north of Dundas)

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Not to derail the thread, but does anyone know when/if are they going to do something with that old Dartmouth ferry in the harbour in Paclo's picture above?