Toronto 150 Eglinton East | 236.75m | 61s | Madison Group | Rafael Viñoly

After the rendering vs build debacle that is Nobu... I'm sure there are still plenty of forum members with trust issues when comes to Madison. 🤒

Kinda wish this was a JV with another developer with a better delivery track record (less VEing on the resume ;-).
I'm wary about Madison ever since they built Madison Centre. It's not terrible, but definitely couldve been better. I'm skeptical about this could quickly turn into a Nobu situation. Or be grey instead of red because of VE work.
It feels metropolitan and complex, while managing to be understated and visually succinct at the same time. Toronto usually isn't good at that, so it's nice to see Vińoly bring some of that here.
(It's also serving an 80s cocaine-corporate vibe that I think is really interesting and sexy.)