Toronto 1375 Queen West | 30.6m | 8s | Skale | Giannone Petricone

By the time this gets screwed around with over at planning, it will turn into another: soul-sucking, window walled, spandrel laced midrise. I wouldnt expect them to come out and outright approve this, but some of the reasoning here is just...ridiculous to say the least.

Event Information: Community Consultation - 1375 Queen Street West

Date and time: Monday, September 28, 2020 6:00 pm
Eastern Daylight Time (Toronto, GMT-04:00)
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Duration:2 hours
A Community Consultation Meeting to discuss the Zoning By-law Amendment Application at 1375 Queen Street West
"Consultation" = Rich Baby boomers with too much time deciding on ways to make things worse for millennials and gen z
Request for Directions Report (recommending opposing this at LPAT) heads to the next meeting of TEYCC on April 20th, 2021.

Report here:

The reasons for opposition are numerous, and mostly dubious in my mind; though there are some legitimate technical issues noted as well.

Height (8 floors), Streetwall (5 floors) are both flagged, along with the absence of parking.

Everyone will know by now, I don't like parking minimums and so can't support that.

I am also challenged to see the issue w/height here; though I might be willing to entertain the street wall being cut to 4 floors.

That the applicant did come up short on some legitimate technical issues (for instance inadequate soil volume for the street trees) is unfortunate; but doesn't strike
me as the deal-breaker either way here.
Report to the Nov 24th meeting of TEYCC seeks direction on a With Prejudice offer from the applicant.

Report here:




This is a much needed project that will change the immediate landscape. As per planning's comments, it is a little tall. Drop it to 6 stories and still start a whole sequence of change on Main St Parkdale
Approved at tribunal:
In a January 18 decision, OLT member Hugh Wilkins allowed an appeal, in part, by Skale 1375 QSW LP against the City of Toronto’s failure to make a decision on its rezoning application for 1375 Queen Street West...
Skale’s settlement offer reduces the height of the proposed development from eight to seven storeys. The scaled-back proposal will include 256 m2 of groundfloor commercial space and 44 residential units above, and incorporates increased front and rear stepbacks above the fourth and sixth floor levels.
No new renderings are updated in the database. The overall building's height decreased from 31.39m to 28.75m. The total storey count was reduced from 8 to 7 storeys. The total unit count increased from 46 to 50 units. Finally, parking counts increased from 1 parking space to 15 parking spaces.