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Sep 3, 2008
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Yonge & Bloor
Application: Demolition Folder (DM) Status: Not Started

Location: 10 ST MARY ST

Ward 27: Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Application#: 13 263879 DEM 00 DM Accepted Date: Nov 12, 2013

Project: Multiple Use/Non Residential Demolition

Description: Proposal to demolish existing 8 sty + 2 below grade mixed use non residential building (office and restaurant).

Hopefully the city requires the replacement of the office space if this does get redeveloped
I heard about this a while ago. Can't say I'll miss that building. Hopefully it is replaced with office space / some better retail opportunities.
I believe Lifetime owns this plot of land... (September 10, 2013) Letter from Adam J. Brown, Sherman Brown Dryer Karol LLP, on behalf of Lifetime Developments Limited, the owner of the property municipally known as 10 St. Mary Street (TE.Supp.TE26.14.20)
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Ugh. The demolition of buildings that are more than five storeys should require extraordinary justification. It’s so depressing to see how much waste is involved in demolishing such big structures, especially considering how many parking lots and 2-storey structures still exist everywhere.
And actually, it's an interesting building in that it was built as an "architect's" sort of office building (the designers Mathers & Haldenby and others were housed here--and E.R.A.'s presence continues the tradition). And it shows in the details: the brick patterning, the tilting casements, etc.

Well, if anything, this potential sacrifice and the pending disfiguration of Scientology are pendants to each other. (And one wonders if the proposed Yonge St HCD will address potential losses like this one.)
I doubt it. Mid-century gets no love in this burg. If it's not covered in Victorian pippy-poos, off it goes.

These days, heritage conservation districts allow for total fabric (and, for the record, I was at a Yonge HCD meeting and 10 St Mary was shaded as an address for potential inclusion; so, there)

And, of course, as mentioned, E.R.A. is housed there. If *anyone* is versed to appreciate this kind of MCM...
Bata, Union Carbide, Coca-Cola (eventually), 17 Dundonald, etc., etc. The list keeps getting bigger.
With some restoration and different signage/ ground-floor improvements, this building would be super-handsome. Very disappointing to see that it will likely be demo'd :(