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Too much?

I guess it is just a matter of preference

Fair enough. I am not trying to put down anyone that wants to live in a condo. I just feel that they are not for me. My own personal opinion is that they are overpriced and maintenance fees are the equivalant of throwing away money. I am very much aware that all homes require maintenance but I guess I just like having the final say of what gets replaced when, who gets hired for the job and what that job is worth. I am willing to cut my own lawn and shovel my own driveway instead of paying someone else to do it for me. Simple personal preference. Enjoy your condo and I'll look forward to moving out of the city and back into a nice house with a nice yard in a few years when I have a little extra money.
I have to admit, nothing beats hosting a bbq party in your very own backyard during the summer. Best of luck with your future house purchase.
I agree, I'm not a fan of condos too, because of the maintenance fee....the lowest you can go is $400 for a 2BR...and don't forget they go up every year! Also, in the condo that I lived in, Fort York area, it's only like 2-3 years old and they've already redo the entire lobby! I don't see any problem with the original lobby at all, yes I agree that the new lobby looks my elegant and grand, but that's just a waste of our maintenance fee, I don't like to be contributing to a pool of money that's just wasted by management with poor decision.

But if you don't mind that, Fort York condos are pretty reasonable. there is 219, 231 fort york and a few more pre-construction condos, although they are just west of bathurst.