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Thunder Bay Art Gallery by Patkau Architects


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Apr 24, 2007
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I do like that it imposes itself on the waterline though.

IMO not bad, just a bit contextless and ultimately dependent on good detailing and materials.
Is this a new civic project? Or provincial (like a Science North)?

Quite bold for TB regardless. Sort of like a second Sleeping Giant. I like it!

Funding has been contributed from all three levels of Government, with the total cost being around $33 million:

Recent article stating that opening of the TB Art Gallery has been pushed back to 2022-23 due to environmental approvals needed.

The City of Thunder Bay, which owns the property at the southern end of Prince Arthur's Landing, is still working through the province's environmental assessment process.

Contaminated soil from decades of industrial use requires remediation.

Earlier this month, the city made a second submission to the Ministry of the Environment for a risk assessment of the property.

A city official told Tbnewswatch the revisions to the initial submission required by the ministry are relatively minor.

They are also trying to tie this into the second phase of the waterfront redevelopment. Second phase is more focused on greenery and green spaces where the first phase was an introduction on retail/real estate and commercial to the existing area. First phase went well, obvious concerns and NIMBYism from some residents but generally approved of. Maintenance is becoming somewhat of an issue that I hope they address in the Phase 2/ Art Gallery expansion.