News   May 17, 2024
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News   May 17, 2024
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News   May 17, 2024
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The Retail Apocalypse

Don’t get rid of too many toys. Your future grandchildren will thank you.
7-Eleven permanently closed at Gould/Yonge in the last few days.
Panera has been closed since the start of Covid.

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One third of cannabis stores in Toronto expected to close within the next year:

I'm really not surprised. The industry has to go through a shake-out. Even up here they popped up like mushrooms (I recognize it's an odd simile).
Not sure how this will affect their North American operations but it would seem not good, at least for any stand-alone retail stores.

The company lost its way when its founder left, if not a bit a before.

I was never a huge customer; but I used to like their customizable massage oils; they nixed that a long time ago.

Too bad. If you want top dollar, you need to provide top product and service.

I think the measure of things here is that businesses are often dependent on the vision/mission of their founder or activist successor; when they lose that...........its often a challenge.
Another loss of a multi-store retailer. Factory Direct is set to liquidate its inventory starting tomorrow. Made it to 24 stores at the height of popularity and left with 14 stores across the province.