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The best buildings in Toronto since 1989?

Hey, everyone...

Alex Bozikovic here from The Globe and Mail. (Longtime UT lurker; you might know me by another name.) I'm working on a book - a new edition of Toronto Architecture: A City Guide by Patricia McHugh, which was last published in 1989. It's a set of walking tours of downtown plus Rosedale.

I'm updating the book in two ways: 1. To cover Etobicoke/York/North York/Scarborough, plus a few items from the 905, and 2. To add everything important in the core since 1989. No big deal.

So, I ask you:

- What are the most important, influential, or interesting buildings in central Toronto since 1989?
- Outside the core (north of Yorkville, west of Bathurst, east of Parliament) - what are the most important buildings of all time? Which buildings or landscapes best represent phases of the city's history and development?

Thoughtful suggestions will earn a thank you in the book...

Thanks, all.

And a bit over a year later, it's almost here!

Alex Bozikovic‏Verified account@alexbozikovic
It's for real!
4:07 PM - 25 May 2017 from Toronto, Ontario