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The Beach(es)

Interesting. My kid and some extended family members live in The Beach. My roots are there (both parents, grandparents, etc. -- the house my dad was born in was just torn down and modern townhouses thrown up :( -- but I digress). They commute by bike, TTC and/or GO regularly, just using their one car per family for out-of-town travel. I take the GO when I go there. They love it over the car-centric suburbs. It appears that my Beachy family are outliers.

And we all remember the track... 😁

I took this photo in 1975.

Beach - 1975.jpeg
The Beaches, for an urban neighbourhood, is quite hard (long) to reach downtown via transit, especially during rush our. It has one of the highest rates of commuting via car in the old city limits.

Car, truck or van as percentage of Total - Main mode of commuting - Census 2021
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Hard to blame them when the only local transit option to get downtown is a slow-ass streetcar in mixed traffic.
I wonder.. what if anything has ever happened with the Seventh Wave Bistro?

If I recall it has been sitting untouched for almost 20 years.