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Supertall and near-Supertall Rumour/Speculation Thread

I asked him a lot and he didn't tell me anything. not even how the design looks.

No ....................

Don't you think that he if could say something, he would post here?

I don't know why I should feel the need to post stuff here first.
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I'd agree 1 Bloor West is a natural. At some point the owners will want to monetize that location, instead of selling $199 suits.
I know one bloor west is supposedly aiming for a 2015/16 launch and I also know something big is planned to hide that Aura mess. Then there's a site near Yonge & King.

Is the site near Yonge & King big enough for a large tower though? I was wondering about BCE 3 or even the building west of Berczy Square (or are height limits there too unlikely to get lifted?).
Not sure about any new rumours, but.....what about the 305 metre tall Gerhy? I was under the impression that it was pretty much a done deal. Granted, nothing in this town is final until it's actually built, but if we're talking supertall, hey, it's something to look forward to. Most of you know me (you're rolling your eyes, aren't you? :p), and my insane obsession with supertalls, and my constant whining about it, but, after seeing the new drawings for 45 Bay, 1-7 Yonge, Oxford, Yorkville, and the like, I have no doubt (because we're inching closer and closer to breaching the 300 meter mark) that we'll see several new supertalls grace our web page, and hopefully, our skyline, within the next 10 years. My only wish is to see an updated render of our future skyline with the latest proposals, I can imagine how awesome it's going to look. We're already garnishing world wide attention with the addition of the South Core, imagine how far we have yet to go, and how it will end up looking? My proverbial architectural mouth is watering just thinking about it, any of you super talented UT'ers up to the task of creating an updated future skyline rendering?
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Not to mention the Oxford Place twin beauties. For some reason (I think it was one moderator's decision), SSP has them listed as "canceled", but as far as I know, they are still moving ahead. Maybe a little more slowly than would have been the case if the casino had been approved, but Oxford was planning to build them before the casino even was a possibility, so losing the casino did not really effect their intention to eventually build them.

So three proposed supertalls are known, with several more known proposals just under 300m, and several other mystery proposals in the works that are starting to attract attention here, that might also end up around 300m.
Couldn't the Oxford proposal still go ahead but with retail, restaurants, various forms of entertainment, etc. taking place of the casino? The twin towers aren't even the most interesting part of the original proposal, in my opinion. The hotel portion/pod shaped podium is what intrigued me the most. I really hope that can still come to fruition. Couldn't the hotel still be feasible without a casino? The city is only getting bigger and more attractive to tourists. One would think that it would be well occupied.
I wouldn't expect too many more supertall proposals in the near future. I think we would have to actually build one now to spark interest in any more proposals.