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suicide bombers

kool maudit

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Jun 1, 2009
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i think it is silly when people respond to a new story with a "so what? what about [insert other stat here]?" it's not a meaningful contribution to the discussion, and it betrays a lack of understanding as to how both news media and the human mind work.

the news is, at root, a collection of recent exceptional events, not a catalog of the greatest ills affecting humanity, ordered by their severity. this is why, when someone blows up in an airport, it's news -- it's exceptional, as we don't normally expect people to blow up in airports. i think you can see how this differs from an aggregate drunk driving stat.

if your feeling is that the russian news media, in the interests of intercultural accord, should concentrate on the vast ills created by ethnic russians, rather than on the smaller subset of ills created by islamic terrorists, come out and say so. otherwise you are making no positive point, just griping about the existence of a thread whose title betrays its area of interest, and clearly warns off those who have no interest in this topic.
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