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Streetscapes from Elsewhere - Design Inspirations for Toronto

Northern Light

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May 20, 2007
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Thought I'd start a new design thread where we look at examples of great streetscapes, extant or proposed from around the world that might be feasible on a street in Toronto.

While threads have their own lives, I'm aiming to solicit practical yet ambitious designs.

So I would prefer people not post Las Rambla from Barcelona, as we really have no comparable space, nor are we likely to.

I want examples we can genuinely advocate to BIAs, to the City, etc with some reasonable hope of achieving them.

On that note...........

I came across a proposal to improve the Munroe Street (Greektown) streetscape in Detroit.

The State of Michigan just appropriated 20M USD for the purpose.

To that end, first, a look at the way it is now: (per streetview)


Not exactly horrific is it? Not enough trees and the pavement is rough...........but very chamring buildings and the hydro is buried.............

But 20M will buy them this version:


A single lane of traffic, a 100% interlocking brick road and sidewalk system, rolled curbs,l and 2 rows of trees. Pretty damned nice, I think.

How about a 2-lane version for Toronto's Greektown? One lane each way, but the street parking gone in favour of wide sidewalks with patios. Just a thought.

Image above sourced from this link: