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Rob Ford's Toronto

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I think a Doug Ford candidacy would result in the same conservative civil war that we're seeing in the Republican party in the US now courtesy of Trump...

...and I think that would be great because it would divide the party of reactionary freaks.
Some could argue Worms was unhinged to begin with and only became worse after his deity died; however, I think Strobel should sue Worms for stealing his shtick.

Strobel kinda knows what he's doing with his disingenuous trolling. Worms is essentially starstruck by the Fords and Trumps of this world and on top of that is ... how shall I put this? ... a tremendous moron.
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And why the hell was Cynthia Mulligan interviewing Doug Ford? This idiot would support a polished turd as long as said turd is of the conservative persuasion. His creepy opinions should not even be considered let alone televised.
that was an astonishing eight minutes

bravo to cynthia for trying

"Obama's been a disaster" made me spit up a little... Dougie's in his own deluded world...

his wife and 4 daughters don't care about Trump's behaviour, they "care about the taxes"... let that sink in, take as long as you want

and that predatory shark stare, those lifeless eyes
Funny how from his mouth, the word "female" comes across as ugly, impersonal, and slurry in the manner of "oriental". Or like a neutralized version of "broad" or "dame" or some such archaic sobriquet...
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