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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Sorry to return to the topic of Karla, but couldn't resist mentioning that there are some FN supporters on Twitter saying that of course her grandparents were Jewish - they had to flee from the Holocaust.

One must admire the degree of foresight on their part: "Let's get out while Hitler is barely 21 years old; it will be over two decades until he first becomes Chancellor and WW II follows. And, conveniently, we also will miss WW I when it starts a few years from now."

Perhaps Doug's father helped them swim across the ocean to safety.



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Yes, surprising that Mammo has not rushed forward too, he is the champion rat! Hopefully he will be defeated but he should never have been elected in first place so who knows!

As I mentioned over on the Council thread you can expect to see Mammo back because of the vote splitting... right (DiNinzo-Perlman)... left (K H-M-Chambers).... angry white guy(MacDonald-Aitchison) and he'll come up the middle with a weak plurality..
Frances Nunziata hasn't endorsed anyone. John Nunziata endorsed Doug, as did Mammo. Crisanti was the opening speaker at Ford Fest, so I think it's safe to assume that he endorses both Doug and Rob.

Frances spoke at one of Doug's fundraisers. That is a pretty solid endorsement.
Yup, just everyday common folks.

(But damn, she's fit)
That one with her and her sister...makes me wonder how much Joan Rivers procedures she's had done, just like all regular people. Not elite at all.


You gotta wonder how the one 'bigger' daughter feels, being that the others are so thin and the cultish devotion to all things 'fit' and 'lean' in their household. Gosh... I wonder if her dad takes potshots at her like he does to Rob. Even if the digs are more subtle, they'd still hurt (maybe more so, actually).
I think it's quite clear how they feel about her from her placement in all the pics with to the side or at the back. Never front or centre. Although she was prominently smirking at DoJr's heartfelt cancer campaign kick off.

How the hell do people get away with posting pictures of others when they obviously do not want any part of this Ford bullshit that is going on. so not fair to her and her kids..

They have no problem being paraded around at camping events, and posted those pictures on public settings. They wanted the attention, what's wrong with giving it to them?
I hear a lot of that from FN, "All politician lie" and that's true. All humans lie (well most of them) But like everything else, when you find out somebody lied you put yourself in that situation and wonder, was that an understandable direction. And sometimes it is, but the Ford thing is so odd that it crosses the line of logic, like lying about having a tumor in your appendix removed or your wife being jewish. That is just not your normal political or even human lie, it's bizarre. It's like comparing Rob drug and alcohol addiction saying "everybody got problems". Which is true, most of us have something that we like to change but again there is levels and standards. Getting high in a BC bar while out there for a friends family funeral, well that's f*cked up and gone way more than "Guy with a sweet tooth" Which Ford Nation compares everything as the same.

It essentially amounts to the difference between liars and bullshitters. Liars actually respect the truth. When they lie, they know they could be found out, so they make at least some effort to sound credible. Bullshitters simply don't care, and Thug is an especially reckless example of the species. As it was pointed out a few pages back, he spews so many lies (which tend to be pretty egregious, coming from him), we're still deconstructing one when half a dozen more suddenly appear. With a complient media, weak, gutless 'opponents' who never or rarely hit back (except for Ari Goldkind), and no way to ensure Thug suffers actual consequences for his perfidy...well, whaddaya gonna do?

I've noted several people over the years - including the late Gore Vidal and Alexander Cockburn - who observed that the reason Richard Nixon was ultimately sunk by lies and Ronald Reagan wasn't was because Nixon acted like he was lying when he lied and Reagan didn't. Tricky Dick always sweated and twitched on tv when he was lying. He looked like he knew he was lying, and worse, he knew that we knew it, too. Reagan always looked like he believed whatever crap he was spouting, and he probably did. I'm sure Thug doesn't believe his own garbage, but he surely thinks himself justified to do whatever he likes to get whatever he wants.
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