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Rob Ford's Toronto

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I remembered this quote from Warren Kinsella:

"There is no way on God’s green earth — none — the RCMP, and/or the Canadian law enforcement/intelligence community, would have let Harper get that close to Ford if the latter was facing an imminent criminal charge, or proof of involvement in a serious crime."

But a crack smoking, raving alcoholic with a recording "out in the wild" proving this is OK to get close to the PM. <sigh> The RCMP & CSIS failed on this one.
Somehow I came upon this post on a U.S. sports blog. It's from April 16, 2013, so before "Crackstarter" etc.

the last commenter posted: "When I lived in D.C.a few years back I had the pleasure of getting hammered with this man at a hotel bar. The man just flat out does not give a fuck. It was like going on a bender with Chris Farley and Bill Clinton rolled up into one."

surprised there are not more "bender" stories coming out now.
Has anyone established how Hashimi is connected to Smith and the Dixon Bloods? Like, is he a guy from the same neighbourhood who's not in the gang? Is he a guy from a different neighbourhood who's not in a gang? Is he in a rival gang? Is he in a different branch of the same gang? Did they know each other already or were they strangers? If I'm not mistaken, this has never been discussed...

not that this really answers your question, but...

Toronto drug dealer Nisar Hashimi admitted he killed Dixon City Bloods gang member Anthony Smith and wounded another member Muhammad Khattak in a melee outside an Entertainment District bar on March 28.

Hashimi, 23, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and aggravated assault.

This killing has been tied to Ford since the U.S. website Gawker and the Toronto Star claimed two Somali men with suspected ties to the drug trade allegedly showed them a 90-second cellphone video of the mayor smoking crack.

The alleged video pedlars also showed a still photo of Smith and the other shooting victim posing with Ford to prove Ford was consorting with drug dealers.

It is now widely believed that Smith’s murder is connected to the video and his cellphone may have contained the alleged Ford video.

plus, here are some family member names of the co-accused...

Mohamed’s uncle, Omar Mohamed.

A half-dozen members of Mohamed’s family sat in court, including his father, Abdelkhadir Mohamed

maybe that info could be used to find out more?

also from that metronews article...

Sources close to Mohammed and his co-accused Nisar Hashimi told Torstar News Service that Smith’s slaying wasn’t linked to the video that — to three journalists including two Star reporters — appeared to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine. Instead, sources said, it was the result of a long-standing beef between neighbourhood rivals.

not sure which / whose sources to believe.

this might be helpful too...

The West Side (W/S) Dixon True Bloods (a.k.a. the "Dixon City Bloods" or "Dixon Goonies") [...] Their enemies include the Doomstown Rexdale Crips, Stovetop Rexdale Crips, O-Blocc Rexdale Crips, Tandridge Rexdale Crips, Ghost Town Crips, Willowridge Crew and the All Crips Gang.

maybe hashimi and mohamed were in one of those gangs?
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Not that I've ever done crack before – but to me that looks someone suffering from one hell of a hangover.
Save that one for Fantino, he might be in need of that come 2015.


speaking of that douchebag...

“I look at this thing, I look at it as a humanity issue, I’ve been involved in my whole career (in policing and politics) in dealing with situations where people, for whatever reason, get into serious personal difficulties and family difficulties. I’ve looked at it strictly from a human dynamic point of view, I would feel sorry for anybody, and I have, that gets into these kind of difficulties. I just hope there’s enough courage and help and support there that people can remake their lives — I’ve seen people come back from the depths of difficulty.

“I’ve sent people off to prison who have committed murder, you meet them 20 years later and they have re-established themselves, they have paid their debt to society, nobody can ever excuse their deeds, or would they want that to happen, because you can’t forget that, people can come back,†Mr. Fantino said.

He also believes the coverage and constant swarms of media surrounding the mayor aren’t helping him to deal with his problems.

“It is a crazy circus, the thing I worry about, not worry about, that I think about, it seems now it’s gone to such a high level of hype, that aside from the issues he has to deal with personally, he’s under siege. It makes things that much more difficult, just give him a break too. I guess in a way, people are out to do him in, instead of helping him.â€

Not that I've ever done crack before – but to me that looks someone suffering from one hell of a hangover.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here. Anyone can take a single frame of the movie of any of our lives and makes us look less than great. You're taking what you know/think you know of him and ascribing context. He might just be yawning for all we know.

I'm not a fan of the mayor but I don't think he's 100% bad. My feeling is that he's basically a man-child that got sucked into a life he could not control, where forces bigger than he had plans to use him to advance an agenda, regardless of whether he was the right guy to do so. In a way (stick with me here) he reminds me of Ted Kennedy, who had the torch of Camelot forced upon him even though he obviously lacked the strength of JFK/RFK. Ted cracked under the pressure, hit the sauce and ended up killing someone. Rob did ... well, we'll see, but clearly is on the same self-destructive/self-sabotage path.
Since we're on the subject of campaigns, some people are looking closely at Rob's financial support in 2010.

Truman ‏@SnidelyBacklash 1h
@robyndoolittle Seems many children and dead people gave $2500 to Ford Campaign. … … #TOpoli

“In the 1970s, a boom in worldwide drug use was sensed by different clans in the ’Ndrangheta who began converting some of their traditional activities into kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking,†prosecutors write, describing the history behind its global emergence. That sparked a power struggle between older members opposed to the drug trade and younger ones who craved the wealth it brought.

In Siderno, a town on the southern coastal plains of Italy, a new boss of the Commisso clan quickly embraced the drug trade and what became known as the Siderno Group gained a reputation as being the best.

“Once in charge, [the new boss] took over the direction of the illegal activities of the gang, made up of powerful relatives and friends of the ‘Siderno Group of Crime,’ including one by his cousin, Rocco Remo Commisso, who initiated a continuous flow of cocaine trafficking to Toronto, using supply channels from Argentina,†the prosecutor’s report says.

“As such, the ‘families’ present in Canada began their climb to the top of the criminal world, turning themselves very slowly into the point group for those in Calabria interested in selling drugs,†says the report. (Rocco Remo Commisso has, for decades, been named as a part of the mob in Canada and is a brother of Cosimo Commisso.)

so nice to see rocco donated 2500$.
A quick googling of Commisso and Rocco (both families contributed heavily) is quite illuminating.

How do you know it's the same families? Commisso and Rocco (Racco?) are probably common Italian names.

Besides which, both families are just hard working bakers. I'm sure the bombings and shootings were just unfortunate coincidences like Ford-o hanging out in crack alley.
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For example, yesterday Rob Ford bragged that “the top criminal lawyer in Canada” represents him. Why, may I ask, does the mayor of Toronto need a criminal lawyer who has represented him for years now? It seems incredibly inappropriate and yet, this is the bizarro universe of unreality that the Fords have propelled the entire City of Toronto into. Abnormalities such as a mayor bragging about his criminal defense team should be drawing more attention from the public. If this were Gotham City, Batman would be having a fucking conniption. And yet we just keep rolling along, waiting for the next video, praying for the day the crack tape shows up in our Facebook news feed.

To me, it seems as if there’s an unholy concoction of noise preventing the public from gaining a clear understanding of what’s really going on. It’s a potion made from Rob’s remarkable ability to escape the consequences of his terrible actions, and a healthy dash of Ford fatigue—developed from months and months of tracking the numerous failures of Toronto’s horrible mayor.

With so many political, personal, and social disasters stacked on top of each other these ostensibly big problems begin to feel like small problems. “Oh, he made a crack about eating out his wife on live TV? Oh, he admitted to smoking crack cocaine? Oh, he’s connected to a jailhouse beating? Oh, now he’s signing bobbleheads? What?”

How are people expected to process all of this without tuning out completely? If you feel overloaded with the failings of Rob Ford, you are not alone, and I would like to take the liberty of diagnosing you—through your computer and/or smartphone screen—as being a victim of Ford fatigue. This constant grabbing of headlines with unbelievable fuck-ups starts to look like some kind of intelligent design when you lay them on top of eachother, as if Rob Ford is playing “keepaway” with the actual criminality that may be hiding beyond the crack cocaine, and the oral sex cracks, and the bobbleheads. Or perhaps it is what it is and Rob Ford is simply unable to open his mouth or appear anywhere without allegedly grabbing butts and allegedly doing cocaine and allegedly hiring hackers and allegedly doing more cocaine. Whatever it is, this flurry of Rob Ford fuckery is not going to end anytime soon. The province and City Council both seem completely impotent when it comes to the tiny matter of ousting our god awful mayor—so it seems as if Toronto is going to be stuck inside of Ford’s freaky crack carnival for at least 11 more months.
"I've heard Mr. Ford's statements to the effect that he would like to become prime minister of Canada; obviously this is not something I'm in favour of," Harper said at a news conference in Lac-Megantic, Que.

"In terms of his future in Toronto, that is for the residents of Toronto to decide."

As for Ford's admissions that he has smoked crack and purchased illegal drugs while sitting as mayor, Harper says, "we could never support the use or purchase of illegal drugs by anyone in political positions such as that."
Because I've been linked with starting all this, I just want to say my comment was more a snide remark about the forum than an actual theory about Ford and Italian Canadians. I don't think either the last names of his donors or his friends means a damn thing. Just want that on the record!
He's not talking a few days.

They dug a hole up in front of my house 4 months ago. Just a big ol hole in the middle of a busy street (with streetcar) and there she sits. 20 feet deep, empty and untouched in months. The entire block lost a lane of traffic. MONTHS!

I'm more than a little skeptical. What's the street name and ward, so I can Google the project and find out why that would be?
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