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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Don't these queers realize that Israel is the only place in the Middle East where gays have rights and are treated normally?
And that gives Israel free reign to discriminate against people based on religion?

Be careful, you almost sound like you might have same anti-gay thoughts ... like our bigoted mayor.

Mainly from Doug Ford but favorite quote:
He says that when he brings U.S. visitors to Toronto, they tell him, “Doug, you’ve got a beautiful, clean city but there’s nothing to do here.”

“Well,” he tells them, “there’s going to be something to do.”

Another interesting one:
He talks about making the waterfront a true destination, with attractions like the giant London Eye Ferris wheel and dramatic buildings like the curvy “Marilyn Monroe” condominium in Mississauga – not just “square glass condominiums.”
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Catching up on my news fixes after a little trip away, I am finding some solace in the work of Adam Vaughan. At least someone is taking a leadership position against the attempts by Ford to gain an autocracy.

Good luck to Adam Vaughan, he is going to need it, plus courage to boot. Someone's got to slay the dragon.

Toronto City Council's delay of game

After a day’s worth of listening to council’s leftards yap, yap, yap — and then yap some more — about who should be appointed to the city’s agencies, boards and commissions, I realized why David Miller and his followers never got anything of real value done.

They spent so much time discussing process that in the end all that was left was enough wind to power City Hall.

This past week, thanks to the cast of usual suspects — Gord Perks, Janet Davis, Shelley Carroll, Adam Vaughan, Paula Fletcher, Pam McConnell and their new recruit, Kristyn Wong-Tam, what should have been a slam dunk of a council meeting turned into hours and hours of painful rhetoric.

What should have been a no-brainer — a more efficient, streamlined process to appoint 1,436 residents and some councillors to the city’s 119 agencies (including 71 Business Improvement Areas) and six external boards — turned into an exercise in sheer madness.

Vaughan, trying to prove he’ll be mayoral material in 2014 and apparently motivated by his anger that his arch-nemesis, Rob Ford, is the current mayor, led the charge with a motion to increase councillor membership on all city bodies to three and the total number of board members to 11.

It passed 24-19.

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Everyone knows the leanings of The Star vs. The Sun but it's still interesting to see just how much they are pilar opposites regarding the mayor.


Heh heh, not hair opposites but polar.
The Star is obviously much more diplomatic but neither paper is exactly centrist when it comes to municipal politics.
Even in Israel, there are plenty of Israeli Jews who are actively protesting the Israeli-Palestinian apartheid. Anyone who think that protesting against the Israel's illegal occupation and apartheid policies amounts to antisemitism or "discrimination" against Jews or Israelis is simply just ignorant.

BTW, since we are on the subject, if you really think Israel is all that gay-friendly or democratic, you really should watch the film Zero Degrees of Separation, a documentary about mixed Israeli-Palestinian gay/lesbian couples in Israel and their protests against the Israeli occupation.
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