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Reclad Contributed to Spread of Fire

You cover your building with styrofoam and then you're shocked when it goes up like a Roman torch.

In Toronto, the exterior of a house that is within 1 or 2 meters of the neighbouring house must have noncombustible cladding. This means you can use cement board, aluminium siding...or, flammable and toxic vinyl siding....why? Because the vinyl siding industry lobbied the city and paid off a few politicians. The risk to life safety is trumped by money in the pocket.

ACM with polyethylene core over PIR foam insulation fails British fire regulation.

ACM with polyethylene core over stone wool insulation also fails British fire regulation.

I believe in Ontario, ACM with a non-combustible core must be used for buildings over six storeys. Does anyone know what the restrictions on insulation are?
Needless to say, it's all over the UK press right now. Plus this:
The leader of Kensington and Chelsea council today refused to commit to putting sprinklers into all tower blocks in the borough in the wake of Grenfell fire.

Almost six months after the disaster that killed 71 people, Councillor Elizabeth Campbell only said she would consider the option.

London fire commissioner Dany Cotton said yesterday she was “staggered” that more public buildings, including blocks of homes, did not have sprinkler systems as they could save lives.[...]
Grenfell criminal charges more likely, say lawyers after inquiry

Legal experts believe chances of prosecutions have ‘increased significantly’ after official report on the tragedy

Mark Townsend
Sun 3 Nov 2019 08.25 GMT