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Had my PDI today on the 4th floor, facing north/west. The guy conducting the inspection was nice, he had already taped off multiple deficiencies before we entered, but we found a bunch more. The biggest issue of all in my opinion, the washroom. My toilet is a mere 2-3 inches from the vanity, the paper holder is literally hanging over the toilet, no room to even fit a roll on it and open the lid. Wondering if I'll have to have them put in a new vanity with smaller dimensions. I've attached some pics. Any input would we nice. The pillar in the corner of the living room was not in the floor plan, so that was a bit disappointing to walk in to see that...

Anyone else here had a PDI and found similar issues?View attachment 459111View attachment 459112View attachment 459113View attachment 459114View attachment 459115View attachment 459116View attachment 459117View attachment 459119View attachment 459120View attachment 459121

My relative had their PDI also in the spring. Similar issues to yours. Honestly the workmanship was quite bad in some spots. For example, they didn't even bother to install the wooden cover above the microwave to hide the vent. I tried fitting it in, but clearly you have to take off all the hinge hardware and cupboard door, install it, then reinstall the cupboard door. Some other things I've noticed were sloppy electrical outlets, random holes in the walls and closets, chips in the tiles in the bathroom, etc.

Anyways, it's not his primary residence so he's willing to let some stuff slide. He will live in it part time as he transitions from a bigger home. Not sure if he's going to fully downsize.

It does have a nice view from the bedroom and balcony. It's a corner unit that faces west - south.