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Queens Quay LRT/BRT PIC March 28



The public meeting for the East Bayfront Transit EA will be held on March 28, 2006 (6-9:30pm) at the Novotel Hotel – 45 The Esplanade.

You can meet with the project team as well look at the boards until 6.45.

A presentation will take place at 6.45 and it will be follow by a workshop.

The prefer routing is the full length of the Queens Quay.

A plan was put forth that would see express service running along the Lake Shore to York St from the Portland. It would loop along Front St and would require a new EA as well changing the current plans in front of Union Station. Bus bay would replace the taxi cab location as well cutting down on the number of spots.

BRT plans have been carry forward as part of the prefer option route along with LRT.

Construction to take place in 2010 subject what is going to happen to the existing portal, rebuilding the Union Loop and the West 8 proposal. The existing portal will be relocated to either Bay or York or for both streets. This will allow east-west service that will bypass the existing loop.
So hang on...the preferred option is a LRT ROW on Queen's Quay, as well as express bus service from the port to Union via Lakeshore?

Just making sure I have it straight.
It just means that the option of BRT is going to be examined as well as LRT. It's one or the other.

I'll be hoping to make it to the meeting.