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Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Sweepstakes Penthouse at Yonge & Bloor


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Apr 22, 2008
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not sure if any of you noticed that a PH suite in the Bloor Street Neighbourhood condo building is one of the top prizes in the Princess Margaret Lotto.

it's a 1,835 sq. ft. penthouse 2 bedroom + den / 2.5 bath unit.

it's a horrible and disappointing layout IMO. so much more could have been accomplished.
I don't know if the interior designer was restricted by the mechanicals (ie. plumbing, ventilation, etc); however, considering this is on the sub-PH floor and was a pre-construction project, I'm sure those items could have been modified.

if someone is able to transfer the pdf file to jpeg, I'd love to see what I could do.


okay, I need a life !

so these are the mock ups I did for a different layout with the same space.
2 bedrooms + library (which could be 3rd bedroom) + 3 full baths + LR/DR + great room

* the master bedroom is larger (~ 13'0" x 17'0") but not broken into sitting area and sleep
* 2nd bedroom is also slightly wider by 2 ft with ensuite and open WIC that allows for more sunlight into the bedroom if desired
* entry has been moved up to a more central point of floorplan with 7 ft of closets
* 3rd bathroom with laundry by entry
* ~ 11'0" x 20'0" LR/DR (or 11'0" x 10'0" DR)
* 8'0" x 10'0" kitchen ( that might be too small for large PH suite. it could be enlarged 12'0" x 10'0" by incorporating the dining area)
* 14'0" (11'0") x 22'0" great room which could be the LR/DR if kitchen enlarged above
* 11'2" x 12'0" library or 11'2" x 10'0" 3rd bedroom with wall-to-wall closet flanking fireplace


I would remove the closet directly fronting the foyer (ie. the one behind the bathtub in the 3rd bathroom) and leave it open for a console, an umbrella stand and chair that allows one to sit down to take-off/put on shoes etc.


  • BSN PH floorplan - MODIFIED 2.jpg
    BSN PH floorplan - MODIFIED 2.jpg
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  • BSN PH floorplan - MODIFIED.jpg
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