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Post your pictures of Toronto here!

This afternoon from the spit
On my way home from work last night I noticed movie props in the Distillery District. Many major films and series (as well as commercials) have used the Distillery District as a location, albeit filming has tapered off due to condo development / tourism / economics / Covid, etc. Apparently a Netflix shoot is happening today. The balconies of Clear Spirit tower can be seen looking east through Case Goods Lane.
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It is an intrusion on Residential rights! the City of Toronto has failed by allowing Commercial rights to trample Residential rights.


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Who or what is supposed to be kept out of this dis-used rail corridor? (Harbour Lead) - Photo taken Sept 28th, 2021


Wouldn't stop an unauthorized train! (though the currently not usable Don River bridge connecting to the mainline should do that)

Also wouldn't stop a person.........

There's no fencing or caution tape! LOL at any other point along this run:

A couple of pics from the future Ordinance Park, just north of Fort York; Photos taken October 17, 2021:

First, the Wellington Destructor....pre-restoration.


Second, a worksite; as roofers re-shingle the Salt Dome in the adjacent Works Yard. I don't know if I've heard a happier crew, they were clearly have contests for speed nailing w/the nail gun(s); and regularly breaking into laughter.