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In summation, there's no conspiracy here, nor are I.O. stupid; what they are is working with a very unambitious mandate and insufficient funding to maximize potential.
I'm truly surprised the Mayor's office isn't working with the province/ML to do some of what you suggested. Guess they don't want to be the lightning rod for the ire of residents when properties get expropriated. ML sure won't give them cover.
We are in the midst of a housing crisis. Doesn't matter what LA and Mexico City are doing. We need to address our own challenges. Especially when we have a generational opportunity to densify along a well-established transit line.

You are the one who made that comparison, not I.

I simply said it was a poor analogy.
You are the one who made that comparison, not I.

I simply said it was a poor analogy.
Well, the only reason I made that comparison was to highlight the lack of ambitiousness when proposing these developments.

Anyhow, I am sure we all have better things to do than run after semantics.
How much does this need to be mitigated, when those adjacent SFH properties will likely be redeveloped at higher density?

That was exactly my point; but there's been no move to upzone those adjacent properties or buy them out, which means the Planning requirement will default to plan as if they are staying.

The City and/or province could unilaterally upzone them, then the transition moves further away and you can do greater height potentially and/or mass differently.

I already drew up a back-of-the-envelope scheme for the area that would allow greater intensification, and posted it a while back.


One of the things is, its not just upzoning, you do need some additional infrastructure from streets to parks to allow that to unfold.

You don't need to build all that now, but you do need a plan of some sort, ideally a Secondary Plan outlining where things will go so you can plan accordingly.
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It was the Greek Independence Parade on the Danforth today, so we were neck-deep in politicians from all levels of government -- which is always a good opportunity to go and chat with them directly about the Ontario Line, Transit-Oriented Developments -- and Affordable Housing...