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Ottawa Transit Developments

Is the re-design truly problematic, or is it just typical nimby excuses? I noticed that the redesign adds a crosswalk, which should make things safer no?
There are a number of bus routes that do or are planned to pass over the overpass and connect with the LRT there.

They've removed the bus lay-bys that were originally planned, and instead buses will service the stops from the live lanes. This means that they will be blocking traffic for anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes on each trip.

The crosswalk is handy but not totally necessary, as there will be access to the LRT from both sides of the bridge.

The redesign has helped in some respects - the bike lanes, for instance, and the wider sidewalks - but has done so to the detriment of the traffic flow on the bridge.

For comparison:


Source: The article listed above by @drum118

What immediately concerns me, as @smallspy noted with multiple routes stopping there, is any hindrance caused to Emergency Vehicles from the resulting queuing of buses/automobiles.
I also visited the train, but my pictures are pretty similar to yours so I don't have much to contribute.

When riding Line 1 I've often had the feeling that with all the slow zones, I'd be faster just biking alongside the train, and I confirmed that with a test:

When can we expect to start seeing the Alstom Lints get repainted/wrapped to the ”Maple Leaf” livery? It would be silly to leave them as oddballs with the ”DB” livery.
Hopefully that wide support pillar means the platform can be extended to support FLIRT trains

It looks as though both Line 4 stations could be extended. Not clear when that would become necessary. The Alstom trains are likely to last another 20 years. Ridership to the airport is not going to be huge, given the nature of the connection. In all the years that transitway buses have run to the airport 3 or 4 times an hour, has anyone seen one with more than 20 persons on it? We are going from a service capacity of maybe 300 an hour used at 20% to a service capacity of over 1000 an hour, likely used at 10 percent. Of course there will be riders to the EY centre on some days, occasionally in large numbers, but it seems unlikely that the upcoming shuttle service of 5 trains an hour would ever reach loads where anyone even had to stand.

Of course we all hope the next generation of the system will allow for shorter headways with half or a third of service direct to the airport from Bayview,, but that will be based on convenience, not "need."