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opinions please

There are no windows except for two facing the street. This will be a dark, gloomy condo.

Unless one buys a corner unit, it is pretty standard to have only two windows in a condo of this configuration. I guess you could have windows looking into your neighbours' bedrooms.
What exactly are you going to want to store in the outdoor storage areas ? I'm going to assume the outdoor storage area is unheated, too, since the access is from outside. That's a lot of storage in that apartment, which I guess some people would like, but it's kind of weird. On re-sale, I guess you could say you've got tonnes o storage, some unheated storage.
hey guys, yeah, I guess the storage will be used for things like bikes and garbage? They have yet to put locks on the doors and we will be allowed to once the building registers. And to address the "dark" issue, I thought so at first but the windows are very large and there are 9 foot ceilings, definitely makes things lighter in there.
Keep in mind that your maintenance fees will be a lot higher for all of that storage space which isn't really livable space. There are lots of hallways, too, and that dining/breakfast area ... it's not really big enough to have a table, but I guess you could stand up and eat a hotdog in there after loading it up with your condiments in the kitchen. It's also on the ground floor, and now that Cole street is up and running, you'll have a lot of families pushing their baby strollers past your window non-stop, plus all those screaming feral kids running around, who happen to think that your terrace is one big garbage can for their junk to throw in, as per what a lot of the other ground floor terraces at 1 Cole seemed to be used for nowadays.
I would suggest to incorporate the kitchen and the breakfast room and open it to the living room.

are you another bot b/c what you said makes no sense ... it's already an open concept plan !

if you're talking about the storage area, those are structural walls.
its cool that my original posting is still generating responses. Its definitely NOT a conventional unit, I do not like the basically unusable stairwell, but on the other hand, it IS storage and units nowadays hardly have any in unit ones.
When do you close on the unit?
Do take photos next time you're there or after you move in.
I think we are all curious to see the place furnished.