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Older rental buildings along the Sheppard subway


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Apr 24, 2007
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I work in York Region and I'm looking to relocate to somewhere within walking distance of a subway station but still a reasonable commute to work. I'm mostly looking along Sheppard between Bayview and the 404. I'd consider North York Centre as well, but I'd rather be farther east for easy access to the 404. I've started looking at older apartment buildings in the Fairview Mall area that have been renovated to compete with newer condos. These buildings have completely modernized kitchens and washrooms, proper ventilation, new windows and doors, new amenities, etc. In theory, they're a great value because you get almost twice as much space per dollar as a newer condo.

The catch is that reviews on Google and review sites like are, to put it mildly, not kind. Roach infestations, bad management, smells, noise...all common problems even in buildings that have tried to go upmarket. A good example is a building on Leith Hill managed by Cogir Real Estate that's beautifully renovated but has atrocious reviews. I get that no building is problem free but I'm not about to move somewhere with a cockroach problem. A lot of the problems they describe wouldn't be apparent on a first visit, so it's hard to tell what you're getting into.

I'd appreciate feedback from anyone with experience with this area. Are these reviews just sour grapes or are these buildings as sketchy as they sound?