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Oct 18, 2007
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NXT 2 at Windemere By The Lake by Cresford Developments. VIP sales event coming this week. 1 bedrooms from $160,000. Please contact me for your chance to purchase before the public launch, before the broker's launch.

NXT 2 is actually the third phase of this development on this site with Windemere By The Lake and NXT being the first 2 phases. Windemere By The Lake is already complete and units are now in resale. NXT was launched in 2007 and is now under construction. The site is located at Windemere and Lakeshore Blvd.

Prices for this project are looking good. 1 bedrooms are starting at around $160,000. Resale 1 bedrooms at Windemere by The Lake are selling for well over $200,000 right now. This makes NXT 2 a potentially attractive investment opportunity.

Please contact me for floor plans, pricing sheet, and deposit structure.

Well I must say, I like this building. I am curious though--judging by the many Russian/Eastern European immigrants that live in the neighbouring South Swansea area: are there many Russians buying into this complex?

Why do I care? Well, maybe a Russian business in the area==like a deli perhaps?
It's going to be west of where the sales office is now, south of The Queensway, and east of Windermere.

Behind the Sheraton.
Cresford has come under fire from its dealings with customers in the past. They apparently have terrible communication. Shut down Mode, if I'm not mistaken. Wasn't there a thread somewhere?
The "Mode" experience was highlighted once again tonight on Big City Broker (HGTV). Potential buyers should really educate themselves about Cresford Developments. Brad Lamb on the show said only 1% of new condo developments in Toronto don't get built, so that should tell you something.
I have also heard that the owners of Merchandise Lofts, the Quad and the Windemere are all in ligitation of some sort with Cresford. :(
It's going to be west of where the sales office is now, south of The Queensway, and east of Windermere.

Behind the Sheraton.

Both NXT towers will be west of Windermere, and west of the Four Points Sheraton hotel. The existing Windermere By The Lake tower is behind the Four Points Sheraton.

NXT Condos (Cresford Developments) - Real Estate -

Hey folks, totally new to this Board...hoping to be in T.O. this coming fall. Would like to know the following:

1) Does NXT1 or NXT2 have locker/storage facilities?

2) What kind of unit appliances? (GE, for ex.?) Side-by-side refrigerators with ice dispenser?

3) Is NXT2 on pre-sale now, or just selling off the remainder of those yet unsold?

Thanks in advance,
BB :)
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The units at NXT/2 do not come with parking or a locker, these need to be purchased seperately....I bought a unit in September and opted for a parking spot ($20K) but did not go for the locker, and I'm not sure how much they will be selling for...I assume about $5K.
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I have a NXT2 assignment to transfer. A 489 sf studio for $221,900 on fifteenth floor. It's facing southeast and only 6mins streetcar to Toronto Downtown. It will be closing in March 2011. Anybody who interested in please contact me at 905-567-6100 ext.2545.
i thinking about purchasing a 637 sq ft condo at the NXT building, however the cost is going to be $300K (including parking). As much as I love the area and the building it seems crazy to pay $460/sq ft. Does anyone have any advice.