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Most misleading condo rendering/advertisement?

a total lifestyle community right in the heart of the four corners of Mississauga at Burnhamthorpe and Hurontario. This is Absolute City Centre. An unprecedented life vision, Absolute is the Square Zero of communities - a condominium prototype which is at once the basis and fulfillment of life's unlimited potential. Condominiums will never be the same. Beyond the ultimate is Absolute. There is nothing greater than Absolute. It is the first time ever that a condominium community has been conceived at such a grand scale. It is the first time ever that the scope of lifestyle possibilities has been explored to its limits. Absolute is total living. It's total home.

That's the actual description for Absolute pulled from the website -I remember poking around there many months ago. It's quite the vomit-inducing, over-the-top hyperbole that makes one wonder what the writer was smoking when he or she wrote that.
Where do I begin?

One of my all time favourites was Bloor Walk, located on Haydon Street. The rendering showed the building from the south, nestled in a grove of trees. In fact, there is a great big building next door on the north-east corner of Bloor and Church.

I love the *typical* reaction when you point out such glaring errors to the sales people.

"Oh, that's what the artist imagined the building looks like."

If only you could sue them for false advertising.

Another favourite was the Avanti, the failed predecessor to Cresford's "Bloor Street Neighbourhood" (itself 18 months late). The rendering showed cars going in each direction. Hey dumb-dumb! Charles Street East is a one-way!!
Churchill Park is another fine example.

The rendering shows a condo building in a park, the reality is that it is shoehorned among 4 other buildings within 100m of each side.

Churchill Park
Is there any way to acquire registered building interior and exterior elevations documents from the city that are in play for a condo scheduled to
be complete in July?