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Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

Streetview 2009:

A closer look at the now demolished hotel in Goldie's post, the Rosedale Hotel at Yonge and Shaftesbury. I can't find much information about it, in fact it's the first I'd even heard of it. Has the archetypical look of Toronto hotels from the era.


The now view, courtesy Google Maps. Demolished (obviously lol)

From Transit Timewarp on Facebook, this interesting then and now; looking down Runnymede 65 years apart:

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In the above shot, one sees the old CP roundhouse for Lambton Yard, built in 1913 and demolished sometime around 1970


What a terrible loss. They didn't demolish the Runnymede Roundhouse for the current Smart Centre on site, though. There was a company called Fastfrate, which had an office building at this corner and a freight shed further west along St. Clair before the Smart Centre.

Fastfrate would transfer freight between trains and trucks. Here's a photo of what the corner looked like between the days of the roundhouse and the Smart Centre.
It actually lasted until the early 80s or so--in its latter days, incorporated into the Ports restaurant that took up the whole blockfront...
A few more years and it might've been saved... I actually like its replacement, albeit I'd take the Rosedale if given a choice. It's a shame its twin on the south side of Shaftesbury is undergoing a ham-fisted renovation which ruins the nice symmetry the two had. Unfortunately this city has to fuss with everything in the shortsighted name of "modernization".