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I did not know that. I'm not all that excited now about it. I was thinking it would be less 80's clothing racks. And no wading through mostly crap like you have to do at Winners.

My experiences shopping in the States have been that TJ Maxx is the best of those shops. Marshalls is the oldest of those chains (I remember shopping there in the early 80s when it first opened, and when there was nothing else like it), but for me it lost its charm when they started opening TJ Maxxes. It really is pretty much the same concept (kind of like how Future Shop and Best Buy are owned by the same company), which makes me wonder how it will do in a place like Ajax, where it will share a mall with both Winners and HomeSense.
Heartland will have Marshalls, Winners, HomeSense and StyleSense when the Marshalls opens lol.
Look to see all of the StyleSense close down once Marshalls ramps up.
Why do you say that? StyleSense is only accessories isn't it?

StyleSense is mainly shoes with some accessories...unfortunately the three stores they opened have been losing money from day one. I think with the addition of Marshalls into the market they will shed the StyleSense concept alltogether.
StyleSense is mainly shoes with some accessories...unfortunately the three stores they opened have been losing money from day one. I think with the addition of Marshalls into the market they will shed the StyleSense concept alltogether.

I've never been in a StyleSense--for those who have been to the States, are they trying to copy the DSW formula for shoes? I love DSW (although there's a good chance I may never shop there again since I've found online retailers that sell narrow-width shoes) and have long hoped that it or something like it would open in Ontario.
Was at the media preview this morning at the Leaside store. Looks great, though nothing too surprising. They have an actual NAMED juniors section called The CUBE (mostly school clothes for teen girls, though some formal items as well). Saw some designer items, but not many. Stores officially open on St Patrick's Day.
Drove by the store on Eglinton at around 8:30am. Parking lot didn't look full at all, and no line up's minutes after opening
The home sense that just opened there recently seems really crowed on the weekend (just based on the parking lot) so I bet you'll see the same here. Unless there were some big sales not sure why anyone would go to the opening anyway (it is a work day for some of us afterall).
I took a look around the Woodbridge location yesterday and other then a boxed shoe section (which Winners had put in some of its locations a few years ago and then quietly removed recently - Cloverdale Mall, Woodbridge, RioCan Warden, etc.) and a larger selection of electronics (including a few expensive +$1000 flat screen televisions and +$300 Blue-ray players), I was hard pressed to see how Marshalls is different then Winners in more then simply its name and store colours. The price tags, hangers and most of the merchandise that I looked at were exactly the same styles and brand names that you can find at Winners. I actually found that there were no "luxury" designer items mixed in with the merchandise at Marshalls like you "find" then at many Winners locations.

Does anyone know what the point of bringing Marshalls to Canada was if it is almost exactly the same as Winners?

Will they further differentiate the two chains over time or will Marshalls grow more similar to Winners over time with Marshalls stocking more designer luxury items?

I was also very disappointing to not see a single men's Ralph Lauren polo shirt. They are a staple at most Marshalls in the US and the prices are usually very good on them compared to department stores or even the RL Outlets at approx. $29.99.
Shopping at Marshalls in the U.S., I had no expectations of Marshalls being any different than Winners when it arrived in Canada, as they are virtually identical. I think it is simply just another banner to sell the same things under just as we have with grocery store chains that operate under different store names.
I would think that places with Marshalls and Winners close by would end up shutting one down. When Indigo bought Chapters, several Chapters stores that were within blocks of each Indigo stores closed (e.g. Yonge and Eg as well as Yorkville).
It is interesting that each of the three Marshalls that have opened and the next two to open all have Winners extremely close by.

Leaside Marshalls (former Winners) on Eglinton at Brentcliff - Winners (newly opened store) is two blocks to the south in the new Smart Centres plaza at the end of Brentcliff with frontage on Laird
Woodbridge Marshalls (former Office Depot) RioCan Colossus Centre (SE Corner Weston & Hwy 7) - Winners (newly opened store) is in the Smart Centres Plaza Del Sol Power Centre on the NW corner
Warden and Eglinton Marshalls (former Winners) RioCan Warden Centre (South side of Eglinton off Lebovic) - Winners (newly opened store) is in the Smart Centres Plaza on the north side of Eglinton off Lebovic

Ajax Marshalls
- RiocCan Centre Durham - Winners is in the same centre
Mississauga Marshalls - Heartland Town Centre (newly opened store) - Winners is in the same centre

It doesn't seem like they will be closing down the Winners that are extremely close to Marshalls as most of the Winners are newly opened.
I wonder how they plan to differentiate the two brands so that there is a reason to go to both of them when they are in such close proximity.
Heartland has Futureshop/Best Buy and now Winners/Marshalls. Maybe some day they'll pull the plug on the Winners and/or Futureshop brand. But not today, and not tomorrow either.