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Looking for advice on new home layout


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Jul 21, 2009
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I am hoping I can get opinion from personal experiences and professional experiences on some layout options that I am planning to get on a new construction 4 bedrooms with 2.5 bathrooms house 2217 sq ft on 36' lot.

HOUSE#1 These are the standard layout:

These are the upgrades that I am considering.
The Bath Oasis and The Chef's Kitchen upgrades are the upgrade we are sure to get.


Is it a good idea to remove the bedroom #3 and replace it with a Loft? If having all four bedrooms is a better idea, should I upgrade to walk-in closets option?
Which one is better, relocate the laundry to ground floor or basement?


I am also considering to upgrade to 9' ft ceiling on both ground and 2nd floor for $20k. Is this a good move?

I am looking at this from investment perspective as well if I want to sell them in the future.

what do you guys think about this other home's layout?

The standard:

The upgrades:

This home is about almost 80 sq ft bigger than the other one, and $2000 more than the other one.
What I like about this one:
-4 bedrooms plus second family room on the second floor
-a den on the ground floor for computer room
-if I relocate the laundry in the basement, they will be just to the left of the stairs in front of the mechanical room. Leaving a lot of space in the rest of the basement
-Each bathroom has window for natural light
-it has option to add the third bathroom if I don't take the bath oasis
-once I upgrade to bath oasis with bath tub, the bedroom 3 & 4 becomes larger

What I don't like about this one:
-smaller bathrooms (notice that double sink option is not available)
-once I upgrade to bath oasis with bath tub, the master bedroom becomes much smaller
-Smaller bathrooms and bedrooms
-smaller pantry room in the kitchen

So this layout does not give me option for double sinks in any bathroom even after the upgrade, and if I only upgrade to super shower in the master bathroom, I can keep the same size of master walk in closet and master bedroom. And once I move the laundry to the basement, I can add third bathroom.

I wonder which one will add better value. Having hot tub (bath oasis upgrade), smaller master walk in closet, bigger bedroom 4 & 3, no double sink option OR super shower in the master bedroom, same size of master bedroom, same size walk in closet in the master bedroom, and add third bathroom. The catch is I can't upgrade to 3rd bathroom and bath oasis at the same time.