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Looking for a 2 storey home or split level


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Oct 28, 2009
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Hey guys,

I was interested in purchasing a home with the following credentials

-2 stories, back split or side split
-3 Bedroom
-Large back yard for the possibility of a small pool
-Near hospital
-Quiet neighborhood (eg. not on artery street)
-500k or less
-Decent TTC service

I really like the area bordered by the following
-Yonge to Vic Park and Steeles to Sheppard

Are there any other areas that can fulfill my needs?

Your suggestions or thoughts are appreciated
That is a large search area and you shouldn't have to much problems finding a home. Is it safe to assume you work downtown or there abouts? I don't want to suggest areas like Etobicoke for instance when you work in Markham or Scarborough.

Any other requirements? IE close to schools, parks......