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Nice unit in one of the nicer lofts in the city. I have no idea what the value is on this thing. $600K seems like a lot for essentially a large bachelor.

There doesn't seem to be much light either.
I'm not so crazy about:
  • the bedroom being that open
  • the kitchen space is small (I'd totally get a big island installed)
  • there's not an awful lot of window for light (it looks like the higher units have much more windows though)
  • concrete floors (I like concrete accent walls, and well done concrete ceilings, but not so crazy about walking on concrete)
Otherwise it's a nice square which makes it easy to work with. It's really 925 sq ft?
The listing agent has a long history of shenanigans, keep that in mind. That being said, the Broadview Lofts are gorgeous, they really are. Main floor is not always good, but it looks out onto the courtyard, so the view won't be bad. Yes, lofts can be one open space, that is kinda the point. Lofts hold their value better than condos, as supply is limited, much like houses. Discount $30-40,000 for the parking and the locker and at list price you would pay just over $600/sf, which is not insane these days. With the massive Riverside Square project coming and the renovation of the old Broadview Hotel, the area will appreciate nicely - and improve nicely - over the next 5-10 years. Not sure I would recommend fighting for it, but if you like the unit/price/area, then you should have a serious think about it.
I am not going to publicly slag another Realtor. But I don't show his listings and I am not the only one. Just be wary is all.
Sometimes there is meaning without actual words being said. If you know what I mean.

Trust me, I am a vocal and opinionated bastard. Saying that little was very hard for me.