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LF: 1/1+ bed 180k-230k


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Jun 11, 2010
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I'm looking for a 1/1+den in a decent or developing area for <250k.

I would prefer to move in now; but I do realize it's highly unlikely that I can find something decent without it being preconstruction.

I drive to work in Mississauga so location isn't super important, though I do like to stay somewhere near the downtown core. I was looking at Dupont/Landsdowne (Upside down condo) or somewhere on St. Clair West.

Anywhere I can browse listings? I'm a complete newbie at this; so I don't know where/how to start looking.
Very little in that price range although DNA3 on King West recently had units for around $200 000, although they were bachelors and only 270 sq ft. Just google Toronto and condos and new and i'm sure tons will pop up. There are websites like that buzz buzz thingy that map them as well.
Princess and Front St


There's a 1+1 in the above area going in the price range u specified.

Let me know if your interested.