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Lesser recognized buildings in Toronto that you enjoy

I love these dutch gable semi-detached homes on Sullivan Street near the AGO. I always make an effort to walk by them when I'm walking through the area.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 5.17.53 PM.png
No overcladding, no replacing original balustrades with tinted glass panels.
This right here. Such a rarity to see apartments from this era properly restored, I wish more property owners could see their potential. A 1960s/70s brick building near my office was recently re-clad in a horrifying two-tone pale blue and grey EIFS combo that I can only describe as prison-like.
145 Adelaide.

It's a curious little doodad, but it cheers me up somehow. Partly, I think, because it's so incongruous and wee, surrounded by giants.
It manages to hold it's own, though, through a dab of solid ostentation.

A UTF member, Jeff Low put a post up about it in 2011. It's from this post I got the 'before' pic.



From the curvilinearity to the perforated brick balcony blocks, it owes a fair bit to this