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Las Vegas: The Sphere concert venue


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Nov 23, 2007
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This has been in the news a lot lately as it is now live and hosting its first events.
It's a part of The Venetian complex on The Strip and it has an 18,000+ theater-style seating capacity, but notably the entire sphere exterior is covered in LED lights that can be programmed to display literally anything.

Here's a street level view as it was lit up for the opening of the NBA Summer League

Huge big name acts will be headed here for decades to come. It's especially significant with the setup where all seats face the stage, so it can book more than a similar capacity arena where several thousand seats are inevitably blocked off as they are behind the elaborate touring concert stage setups.


Build cost was USD $2.3 billion.
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It's definitely excessive, yet also unapologetically Las Vegas.

For better or for worse, it will define Las Vegas's skyline with dramatic light shows, and also giant basketballs and eyeballs.
This thing had U2 in for it's debut concert this weekend and I looked up some of the footage.

I didn't realise the LED screen thing is not only a gimmick for the exterior, but the interior is also the same with an almost complete coverage of all the interior sphere walls in front of and above the seating area.
There is a large swath of seats in the middle area where the screens will occupy your entire field of view. I imagine that could get disorienting at times, and the designers would have to be careful as it could be hard on your eyes to not be able to look away from it for a two hour concert.

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