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Kitec Plumbing


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Oct 21, 2013
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Searched the forums to see if there had been discussion about this, but only saw a few minor entries.

My building was recently discovered to have kitec in it. The class action deadline has come and gone, and we wait to hear about how owners are to proceed, as they need to assess each unit to see who has what. From cruising the internet though, and sticking my phone camera into right places, I’ve concluded I’ve got the kitec.

I’ve read the articles and forum posts elsewhere, I have a generalized idea of cost, and a couple people talking about the process to replace. But I was wondering who out there has gone through this, how long the repairs were, and how dealing with the insurance company was after. (I’m worried that even when I fix mine, they’ll still ding me for the risk of units above me not having theirs done)

I found a map of buildings with kitec issues here



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Sep 19, 2013
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Possible sources of info:

1. Condominium Authority of Ontario
tel: 416-901-9356

2. Canadian Condominium Institute
Tel: 416-491-6216

Best if you and the other unit owners deal with this collectively through the Board of Directors of your condo corp.


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Jan 13, 2008
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Plumbing in condominiums is primarily the responsibility of the Corporation and, as @Jarndyce says, I certainly think you need to work on this as a building and not as individuals. Some buildings were built with Kitec but in a few cases it was installed by a Unit owner during a Unit renovation; from what you say it is everywhere in your building. T

The settlement closed only last week ( ) so I will be amazed (shocked) if your Board are not fully aware of it and have made any necessary claims. In any building I have read about, in cases where the whole building is 'infected', the Board replaced ALL of the Kitec whether it was common element plumbing (i.e. the vast majority that serves several Units) or the (short) sections that serves individual Units. It makes absolutely no sense to start replacing Kitec in your own Unit unless yours is the only one that has any. Good luck, it will certainly be expensive and even if your Board gets some settlement money you can bet they will need to impose a Special Assessment and that it will be a problem to sell any Units in the building (it will have to be disclosed in Status Certificates etc) until it is all removed. As this will involve or has, involved legal action, this fact should have been disclosed to all owners on any Periodic Information Certificates issued by the Corporation - they must send owners two of these each year.