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Kitchen Fixtures design


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Aug 9, 2007
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What do you guys think of these patina brass kitchen fixtures in this kitchen? Stainless steel is now the standard in all Toronto condos, but I have seen this brass trend in some high end lofts and apartments in New York city and I really like them. they actually are installed all over the apartment, kitchen, bathrooms, doors, etc. Do you think it is too much to do it here?



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Gold is coming back, but those handles and plumbing fixtures looks a bit too bright and brassy on an all-white kitchen.
It's strange how the scoop handles for the drawers don't really match, they look to be more like antique bronze or brushed nickel, or could be even stainless.

I prefer the look of antique or brushed bronze because it is warmer looking than stainless but not so yellow like brass or gold.
I agree. The gold is quite gold and really has to factor into your style as it evolves. I do like a gold look but would go with something more antique or understated.