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Inspiration Port Credit Community Meeting - Future of 70 Mississauga Road South

City of Mississauga

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May 15, 2017
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Join a community meeting on the future of 70 Mississauga Road South.

Date: Thursday, June 8
Time: 6:30 - 9 p.m.
6:30 p.m. - Open House
7 p.m. - Presentation by West Village Partners of their draft master plan followed by Q&A
8 p.m. - Observations and next steps
Location: Clarke Memorial Hall
161 Lakeshore Road West

West Village Partners are the new owners of 70 Mississauga Road South and they have prepared a draft master plan.

Inspiration Port Credit is hosting a community meeting where West Village Partners will present their draft master plan to the community.

The draft master plan will continue to evolve through the development application review process informed by input from the community, City and approval agencies. After this, the City will make final recommendations on the master plan and development applications.

Find out more about Inspiration Port Credit and upcoming community sessions: