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Heritage Conservation Districts in Toronto

Tangentially related, but relevant in light of some recent demolitions.

Definitely agree that it would be better to basically go over all the buildings in the city before and find those that need to be saved, rather than playing catch-up to developers.

A better way to protect Toronto’s heritage buildings
To save Toronto’s built history we recommend the city prioritize a shockingly simple approach: do a survey for the entire city, identify all the potential heritage buildings and list them.
Suprising to see some progress:

At today's city council meeting, however, councillors are expected to vote on no fewer than three motions that aim to protect potential heritage buildings.

"Heritage architecture tells the story of Toronto, providing a visible reminder of our social history," reads one of the motions. Joe Mihevc put this one forward.

The other two motions seek to create a city-wide survey of potential heritage buildings and both mention the Bank of Montreal building at 2444 Yonge Street. It dated back to 1907, but was demolished before those in the surrounding neighbourhood could save it.

Now, these motions hope to steer the wrecking ball away from buildings such as that one in the future.