News   Jul 12, 2024
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News   Jul 12, 2024
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Hazelton Hotel/Condo (Yorkrow, 9s, P+S/IBI Group) COMPLETE

Concerning Hazelton, what's with the wall of little bushes surrounding the place?
Patio and hotel are open...tonight the patio was packed, as was the restaurant inside; there is also a bar...the lobby of the hotel is very stylish with lots of black marble. I spoke with the concierge - they are doing a 'soft' opening, with only one floor of the hotel open as of now...Glanced at the menu - a hamburger costs $29.00....:eek:
A $29.00 hamburger?

Will we still be seeing Caltrane there?
I think that's still cheaper than the burger at Bymark, which is really, really good. Not worth whatever they charge for it, but still.

Went by Hazelton the other day--I'm not crazy about the 'tower' portion, ie above the brick, but street level is great. That restaurant patio will do a lot more to animate the street than Bra Bar and those other stores in the old rowhouses ever did.
$29 burger is only $23 more expensive than a big mac; both are unhealthy but at least the hazelton version has "real" ingredients, beautiful people surrounding you, probably a hot waitress serves you and there's none of that plastic stink found in mcd's: totally worth it. I'll be going for a burger and drinks soon....
Power breakfast there? Maybe after someones wins the lottery.
Well I must admit I almost went in there for a burger today; unfortunately there was a lineup and mostly older (40+) business types by the look of it--film industry types perhaps? Instead, I settled for some pizza down the street. But spotted outside the patio: my future set of wheels: a grey exterior with orange leather interior lamborghini gallardo spyder!

I must admit I prefer the lambo's styling and seats to the patio furniture at ONE--very dull Gluckstein beige and very boring. Still, I do admire silicon....

UT Brunch@1@One sounds great and remember when the burger's down the lottery's won!